New Antenna Is Installed!

Well, the day finally got here!  It took us almost a year to complete this project, but everything is installed in the new site.  We are currently running coverage tests to see what kind of difference our new antenna and feedline made.  Currently, we are still using our old repeater at the new site.  But stay tuned! We have more upgrades in store for this site!

Without support of the community, this project would not have been possible.  AECI would like to thank the following for making this happen:

  • Allen P. and Josephine Green Foundation
  • Griffin Foundation
  • KWWR/Country 96
  • Edmonston Foundation
  • Kingdom Telephone Internet Service
  • Lacrosse Lumber
  • Menard’s of Columbia
  • Sound Solutions
  • Butler Supply
  • Consolidated Electric
  • A&W Communications
AECI Tower Building
AECI Tower Building
Worker inside the tower
Worker inside the tower