Net Control Schedule

This is the official schedule for Net Control for the Tuesday Night ARES net.  The net is held each Tuesday at 8:00 pm for the purpose of handling traffic and to test our equipment and our skills in the case of an emergency.  All operators are welcome to check into our net.

If you are interested in being the Net Control Operator, please let Jeff Carlyle KDØQCN know and he will get you on the list.  He can be reached by e-mail at

Here is a PDF of the Preamble Script that we use as Net Control: Preamble to the Net
If you need a copy of the ITU Phonetics it is available here: Ham Info w/Phonetics

Month                                                Net Control Operator
January 2017                                   Kenny Fairchild KEØDUO
February 2017                                 Chris Newbrough KEØHLA
March 2017                                       Jeff Carlyle KDØQCN
April 2017                                          Mike Wood WBØIXS
May 2017                                           Ron Hutsel WBØJAE
June 2017                                         Chris Newbrough KEØHLA
July 2017                                           Open
August 2017                                     Loren Stroup KEØIID
September 2017                             Open
October 2017                                   Open
November 2017                              Open
December 2017                               Open